The Weather Channel Campaign

The elements are more than just the weather — life is elemental. When life and weather collide, interesting things can happen. For instance, rain + rush hour might mean a late dinner. While wind + kite could mean the perfect day with your son or daughter. In this campaign, we explored the relationship between weather and human life through print, digital, physical and social to help illustrate that The Weather Channel does more than help us anticipate the elements. It helps us make the most of them.

Element of Surprise Stunt

Autonomous, branded umbrellas were that would float around public spaces such as urban shopping centers, parks and financial districts, delivering local weather related alerts and messages. Concealed in the undercarriage of umbrellas were fitted drones and bluetooth speakers.

“Next week calls for a lot of sun, perfect time to call in sick.”

“No food trucks next week due to excessive rain - better pack some lunches.”

Element of Kindness

There’s never a shortage of opportunities to be kind. The Weather Channel Kindness Chaser was designed to to just that, roam the streets in large cities, searching for people and stories of kindness as well as creating several of our own - particularly as they relate to weather. Whether it’s handing out umbrellas during a downpour, serving at a soup kitchen, sharing hand warmers with the homeless in the dead of winter or distributing water bottles at a local park during a summer scorcher, the purpose of the unit was to deliver 100% chance of kindness, year round.

Umbrella Scavenger Stunt

2,000 hidden, bluetooth enabled, umbrellas in various locations throughout the world. Find one, open it and your location is instantly tagged on a social map. You’re also entered for a chance to win a trip to one of the other tagged locations. Follow along and get hints via social channels.

(plus you get to keep a pretty sweet TWC umbrella)

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