Coke Pay or Play

How to make the sweet taste of Coke even sweeter? By beating an Olympic athlete for it. Pay or Play is a social experiment where we equipped a vending machine with a live two-way camera feed into Olympic Village, allowing fans anywhere and everywhere to compete real-time and with real Olympic athletes. A triathlon of physical, mental and social challenges. Sure Michael Phelps has won several gold metals but can he beat Joe Shmoe for the one that really counts, a delicious 20 oz Coca Cola?

Play anywhere

Real time competition

Olympic athletes vs fans

Win a Coke

Coke Vault

It's hard to find a spot in the world where someone doesn't know about the Coca Cola brand. Less known to the public are the Coke Vaults deep in the belly of TCCC HQ. These vaults hold a treasure trove of valuable Coca Cola pop memorabilia. Of course, what good is having all this amazing loot if you have no one to share it with. We worked with Coca Cola to create a simple show-and-tell-shopping-cart-sytem (not the technical name). The result was a very simple and sleek timeline indexing system that allowed users to browse and purchase from the vast library of branded memorabilia.

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