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When she joins up with the player again after "Bloodlines", after about a week she will start to open up to the player and become friendlier (a new game, or save before Bloodlines is completed required for the timer to take effect). - I forgot to include some lines (particularly in the "Being a vampire" vanilla conversation) as part of Kerstyn's revoice script. Log in to view your list of favourite games. - Serana can now wear whatever you want her to wear! - "How does it feel to be a vampire line" no longer occurs if the player is a vampire too. Improved DDAF (Dynamic Dialogue Animation Framework) code implementation. - Implementation of Serana commentary recap framework. Inspired by Aelarr's Race compatibility dialogue mod I decided to make a patch for Martimius' lovely Serana Dialogue Addon mod. You can technically do a clean save upgrade (removing SDA, loading your save+exiting, then installing the mod again), but do this at your own risk. Sometimes Serana will become fixated in a particular direction and continue to face that direction despite the player turning. - Serana comments on each of the vanilla home locations, via her radiant dialogue. dialogue this mod has, so that it's less spammy. - Cure Dialogue Rewrite + Expansion. -Tweaked alias fill conditions for SDA_NPCBanterMain quest, to make sure it fires off properly and correctly. Incorporated Serana Hood Fix by thetrader, with modifications by me. - Added radiant quest dialogue for the Dawnguard side. Whether or not you'd like to ultimately rest or continue adventuring is up to you, the player. - Serana now performs what is called a 'Silent TP' when she has quest commentary. Instead, one minimal messagebox (which shouldn't disrupt roleplay) appears - once you take Serana home to Harkon for the very first time, - Removed old quest commentary lines from old versions of the mod, - Tweaked condition checks for SDA_MQ105 commentary to have it fire off more accurately, - Tweaked condition checks for SDA_MQ106 commentary to have it fire off more accurately. - Completely redone Serana "What's your opinion on" dialogue with new lines voiced by the new VA, Kerstyn Unger! - Disabled one of the post-Harkon fight dialogues, as these have now been largely superceded by the addition of the Serana romance. :D. - New RP conversations with Serana, about: -Serana asking about the player's backstory, -Comments on the player's race (she gives different insights on all the different races), - Solstheim location awareness (both for the main region and the various settlements within it. - Support for the SexLab animation framework for romance scenes. Type "stopquest SDA_SolstheimCommentary" in the console. Spouse Merchant ability and daily gold. - Added short conversation about Molag Baal. || The SDA and RDO patches have been overhauled to reflect this too. LL version still to come. Serana won't say some dialogue if both she and the player are vampires, Reworked internal structure of SDA's Dialogue Menu, Reworked internal structure of Serana's Hold location commentaries, Tweaked dialogue priorities for some of Serana's in-conversation dialogue. ), - Manually went through a lot of the Serana Romance files and adjusted audio for those that were too quiet, - Improved face animations for some of the Serana Romance lines, - More ITPOs/ITM cleaning (Thanks to Astakos for pointing out the records! Also rewrites of player dialogue for some of that conversation, Choosing the rejection response no longer disables Serana Romance and Serana Friendship. No patch plugin needed, SDA should automatically detect when you have said mod installed and Serana is wearing the Ram Horn cuirass. Decided to just release this as a full update now, and not just a beta, as this update was already extensively tested and any bugs experienced (if there are) should be rather minor. - Serana will no longer compliment your skills when she is in a dungeon. No more square font issue with a lot of lines. This will be enabled when 3.0 is released.). Old Stone Walls was re-recorded in both an acapella and acoustic version. No longer are all of them "Start Game Enabled" freeing up game engine resources on a fresh mod install or starting a new game. Previously ignored quests (like "Season Unending") are now covered as well. This has since been fixed. Between and Nexus Mods, the Serana Dialogue Add-On has been downloaded upwards of 180,000 times. dialogue. - Favorite Book Dialogue (No longer The Real Barenziah, now The Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim), - MQ Commentary (Ustengrav, World Eater's Eyrie, Epilogue), - Side-quest dialogue for Bolstering the Ranks, - Side quest dialogue for Dawnguard radiant quests (both sides), - New recap conversation (post-Dawnguard), - "A Return To Your Roots" quest awareness, - Awareness for the Ivarstead Klimmek Quest, - Dawnguard/Volkihar post-glade ambush conversation, - Conversation if you chose to become a vampire to enter the Soul Cairn, - Friendship Conversation (as part of Serana Romance), - Voiced dialogue for the SDA Serana Dialogue Menu, - Kerstyn alternate-voiced versions of Recruit, Dismiss, and Favor dialogue, - Revised Old Stone Walls (both vocal and instrumental vesion) with more emotional vocals. Serana and Aela are my two favorite followers in all of Skyrim, so to see a follower given as much of an overhaul as SDA . - Some Serana Romance quests no longer say whether a quest was complete and logs it in your journal, because a lot of these are just conversations. Additionally, Serana Dialogue Add-On will not be compatible with mods that change "DLC1NPCMonitoringPlayerScript and DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript". While this is vanilla AI before, I don't want Serana doing that in SDA. - New wait dialogue. Improved pacing and tone of the "Trust" conversation by cutting unnecessary lines that made the conversation a bit melodramatic. However, if the player chooses to remain part of the #furryfam- although Serana will disagree with you, this won't be harmful to the player-Serana relationship (as she has come to learn to respect your decisions- despite how the Companions questline brought up some of her past trauma). I've heard enough reports of people's saves being corrupted once the SDA mod is uninstalled. - Disabled another bloodcursed arrows topic that should have been disabled. Additionally, you will now be able to convince Serana to have a more positive disposition towards the Companions, should you choose to cure the Circle (except Aela- that darn stubborn furry) of their lycanthropy, when the player is the Harbinger. - Serana's lip files should now properly play for the pillow talk dialogue, - Removed unecessary audio files (leftovers from Creation Kit voice processing), - Added in missing Wood Elf and Orc racial commentary, - Added in a missing voice line for one of the conversations, - Fixed conditions for one of the lines in the Cyrodillic Brandy conversation, - Fixed issue where Ysoldas lip movements wouldnt play for some lines during the Serana Date quest, - Added in a missing voicefile for Ysolda. - Created an optional patch for the Lustmord Armor mod. topic, - Added quest condition to Serana's feeling good line, - A "What's On Your Mind?" For now these are unvoiced. This is to prevent narrative whiplash; like how Serana could comment on your romance when the Archmage just died. Added proper location keyword for Forebears Hideout (where the Moth Priest quest is) since there was none. - Tweaked existing dialogue cool-downs to prevent them from being spammy, - A lot of radiant world commentary on various locations, from animal dens and bandit camps, to even military barracks, - Commentary on Discerning the Transmudane. I originally kept her sneezing (even as a vampire) to help her more relatable and "human" but now it just doesn't make much sense. - Added conditions to a lot of lover and jokey dialogue to not occur during serious moments for Serana's character development (like during Kindred Judgement), - Decreased radiant greet frequency by 10%. - Changed the cooldown of the radiant misc. - Serana was not giving gifts anymore, even though the prompt was showing and she said her dialogue. This is only available after the Dawnguard questline, should the romance route have been pursued with the vampire princess. - Improved other dialogue conditions for Companions quest commentary. - The RP conversations (from v1.7 onwards) were restructured as to not initially overwhelm the player dialogue choice list. - Serana now comments on radiant intercourse after it happens. - Fixed bug where Nightshade would just randomly teleport to Phoenix. (SDA_MainDialogue record), - Tweaked conditions for Serana's Arcaneum dialogue so that it can be triggered earlier (First Lessons doesn't need to be completed), - Text dialogue tweaks (from player) for consistency, - Delayed Teleport Spell dialogue to only occur after the Tracking Marker talk has been had to free up dialogue menu clutter, - Tweaked player background conversation to not be repeatable (Serana doesn't need to learn about the player's background more than once), - Serana will only seem knowledgeable (comment on the current state of the world and Elder Scrolls lore) if she has been to the Arcaneum at least once. - Changed it so the negative response in the first romance conversation never truly cancels out romance. - (For non-ESL version) Changed all armor keywords to "light armor", as Serana refers to it as light in her dialogue. - Backend functionality improvements to the "A Date at the Bannered Mare" quest to ensure it runs more smoothly. Kindred Judgment+Touching the Sky Revoice. - An SDA Serana menu feature (currently unvoiced, but with full feature functionality). - Serana no longer sneezes when she's a vampire. Copyright 2023 Robin Scott. - Optional patch for the Wintersun mod, so that it recognizes SDA's custom Serana marriage for Mara, Dibella, and Morwha's religious tenets. - Backend improvements with WhatsOnYourMind dialogue. And this is not just your typical follower commentary- SDA's quest awareness will be so in-depth, feature-complete, and well-timed, that you would have thought Serana was actually a part of these quests (and didn't just comment on an aspect or two of them on the side). If you noticed Serana was unusually quiet in some quests, or should have commented on something, try playing through those bits again and see if she has something to say! The patch has been completely redone (new records and new patch name), so just to be on the safe side you should start a new game with it/a game that hasn't had a Crimson Blood patch installed. Nearly 300 new voice lines. - Added dialogue to disable Serana's vanilla raise zombie spells. - Reduced frequency of Serana gift-giving. Child interactions have been delayed and are currently on the backburner due to the sheer amount of content in this update already. This makes things much more neat, organized, and official DLC-ey. Site news (important news will be issued), Comments on your files, images and videos, New images and videos added to your files. - Reimplemented "What's on Your Mind" conversations, with better-written dialogue that supersedes the somewhat bland and one-note conversations that were previously there. This should now fix the issue with some of her goodbyes not being able to play. - Serana can now store items in a dedicated storage inventory without using or equipping them. Serana will now feel even more responsive and alive during your adventures! Still, YMMV and I won't be responsible for any AI bugs/wonkiness with Serana. - Moved all Dawnguard recap dialogues to their own consolidated dialogue branch under "Can I talk to you for a bit" as to free up space in the choice list and not require players to scroll down much to see the other dialogue topics. - Script fixes for some Serana wait stuff, like whenever she's called to wait when the Dawnguard questline tells her not to. Fixes to dialogue conditions for some Serana quest commentary, so that she won't suddenly exit dialogue with you for no reason Improved force greet distance for all quest commentaries- when Serana wants to have an active conversation with you, she should sit still less, and actively try to find you instead. Did not make much sense for Serana's character, even in vanilla- especially when the whole point of the Dawnguard questline was to stop Harkon from blotting out the sun. . - Over 10 new romance conversations (and over 260 new dialogue lines) with Serana over the course, and after the Dawnguard questline. - While drinking (if in third person) the player will now also play the appropriate drinking animations. just a recommendation as I like to use this mod in my playthroughs :). However, unlike Serana Spell Selector, I don't edit Serana's base NPC record! Greybeards summoning the Dragonborn (as part of the Main Quest commentary), Deleted redundant records and streamlined mod's code, Fixed conditions for Serana injured dialogue not fully completing, Improvements to the code of the following quests/features, Removed a whole lot of unused properties that were causing Papyrus Log bloat, Finally fixed Serana's radiant love forcegreets not proccing, Added a small delay at the end of Drinking Buddies so the related timer quest could start properly, Fixed issue with one of Auri's voicelines being said twice, Fixed some of Serana's Dark Brotherhood radiant greets being said too much, Fixed issue where Serana's blocking greets for Labyrinthian wouldn't match with the subtitles on screen. - These occur for every single Dawnguard quest Serana does with you (from Bloodline to Kindred Judgement, barring the side-quests after Bloodline for each Dawnguard side). - A Main Quest dialogue sub-branch was accidentally left under the "Top Level" flag. - Shortened triggering distance for the Taarie conversation. Over 14 radiant conversations that can occur anytime you explore with Remiel and Serana. - Added in random idle yawns for Serana. For the players, just try to role-play and be considerate, alright? Why? - A lot of backend improvements on how NPC banter quests are started. - Disabled SDA_SeranaRomance 11 (Date at the Bannered Mare) quest when it isn't currently running, - Changed the original recap line starter and added a new one for more consistency with the Dawnguard questline plot and the players chosen side. - Also improved the backend scripts for the Serana Training feature- people were reporting similar issues with said quest. - Daedric Quest commentary for "A Night to Remember", everyone's favorite The Hangover-style quest in Skyrim. - Added in safeguards for "House of Horrors" quest commentary to not occur at the wrong time. (However, due to how wonky vanilla radiant pathfinding is, I suggest you save before doing this; if Serana's AI messes up, you can reload the save and try again, or just pick a different option). - Backend script and quest design improvements for Serana Romance 4-9. Content Update with new NPC conversations in Riverwood, as well as dialogue with the player! This should prevent scene overlap from happening. - Added Old Hroldan Inn as an excluded inn from Serana's sleeping feature. - A Serana gift-giving feature, which different responses for her depending on the type of gift. This has been fixed so that the dialogue will only occur during the proper MQ conversation context. (Thanks to ws and po3 over at the r/SkyrimMods Discord for helping with the fix! Full Kerstyn revoices for all Serana lines during the Kindred Judgement and Touching the Sky quests (the last two quests in Dawnguard). Additionally, Serana will not sneeze at all if she is still a vampire. Seeing that the implementation has changed, this quest record serves no purpose. It's been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure better integration with SDA Drinking Buddies. Added in Serana crouch bugfix, based on the code of Serana Improvements and Fixes by DRFire9001. Certain creative liberties will still be taken, like Serana's talent for singing, fondness of alcohol, and general playful nature will still stay in the mod. You can now teach her spells (from a select list of vanilla spells). - Added a "LocTypeDungeon" condition for Serana's radiant love timer, so she won't be asking you for kisses in a dungeon anymore. Bethesda mistakenly marks a lot of common areas as "Dwellings" which made Serana equip her home outfit in these areas. | If the banter is not triggering for you for some reason (Serana should speak to Sofia as soon as they meet) try saving, then reloading your save. - Script fixes for SDA Player Background Dialogue (some didn't correctly set the quest stage), - Marked Ysolda as essential as I need her alive for the Bannered Mare quest, - Improvements to Lockpick Commentary Script, - Fixes with Radiant Commentary for DG Quests (both sides). It didn't make sense for Serana to catch up so quickly with the current Skyrim affairs and Tamrielic history in such a short time (after bringing her home but before Prophet), - Generated lip sync for voice lines that didn't have it. - Fixed Serana's Hagraven lines going off in Giant Camps instead of Hagraven Nests. - Expanded existing "What's on Your Mind" dialogue with new voice lines, - Tweaked Harkon recap player dialogue choice to be more about him exclusively and less about Serana's family, - Added extensive recap dialogue with Serana about her family (both her relationships with Harkon and Valerica), - Added more radiant commentary dialogue to caves/dungeons. This has now been fixed. "leads to romance scene), - Each Serana Romance quest is now shut down after it has run, as to not waste game resources, - Fixed looping dialogue animations some users may potentially experience during the Serana Date quest. If you have more questions or would like to know more, please visit my website! This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. New voice acting with Kerstyn's voice as well as more extensive commentary on this armor. Not required for both mods to work together well, just a quality of life improvement for repetitive Hello dialogue. Lines were also cut (with past updates and this current one) to make the conversation seem more realistic and less overly dramatic. If you have downloaded the Wintersun patch(s) - please re-download the new versions, as they've been edited to reflect this compatibility change as well. - Serana will now be able to give you gifts too! - Main Quest commentary from Diplomatic Immunity to Elder Knowledge. - Spell Enabling/Disabling voiced responses. The player can now role-play as someone who remained unaffected by Serana's calm spell, but chose to play along. - Disabled two more radiant lines that I missed with the last 2.0RDOPatch update, - Added in more Kerstyn lines that were left out in the previous version, - Tweaked recipe of Crimson Blood Armor to be more balanced and attainable, - Added Serana radiant dialogue for entering Bloodlet Throne (where the crafting book is located), -Tweaked a bunch of player dialogue lines to be better-written and feel less campy/forced, - Reordered dialogue priority for some Serana dialogue, - Serana's collision responses (Oh/Sorry) didn't have their proper voice lines, - Fixed issues with some of Serana's human lines playing too often, - Fixed issues with husky dialogue breaking the mod KEKW, - Added Patch for Castle Volkihar Rebuilt, - Fixed Serana's Sofia comment Forcegreet repeatedly looping, -Thieves Guild Quest Commentary and Faction Awareness, - For the entire questline (from beginning to end). Will perhaps get to Volkihar Clan commentary later. Volkihar side coming later. (originally fixed in 1.3hotfix update, now consolidated into 1.3.1), - Serana will no longer sneeze as a vampire. - Improvements to dialogue conditions for SDA Hangover commentary, - Backend script improvements with quest aliases, - Mjoll Banter will no longer occur outside of Riften, or when Mjoll is a follower, - Script improvements for scripting language of Alternate Voice toggle, - Backend script improvements for Radiant Love Quest. - Recap dialogue on Volkihar Castle Undercroft and Courtyard, - Misc minor fixes to some dialogue here and there, tweaking conditions and existing subtitle typos, - Additions to existing Main Quest dialogue, - New radiant dialogue while exploring the Soul Cairn, and Tamriel at night. Removed Serana finding a table option in drinking buddies since that was buggy. The player will be able to ask Serana which version they'd like her to play in-game. Did it for sure this time. - Increased frequency of sneak greets and goodbyes again, - Increased skill threshold for a lot of Serana's praise on your skills, - Added conditions so a lot of Serana's playful greets won't occur within dungeons. You can now ask Serana to: - Keep quiet (She won't talk with NPCs, She won't greet you with her radiant greets), - Stop humming (She won't hum whenever she's idle), - Stop referencing non-Tamrielic cultures (Star Wars prequel memes, 4th wall easter eggs), - Reduced follower banter frequency by -25%, - Reduced volume of some Inigo banter lines for volume consistency, - Decreased skill awareness radiant dialogue frequency by -75%. Full Quest Commentary from "Dragonborn" to "At The Summit of Apocrypha". Instead of just disabling dialogue, the dialogue added by those mods now still plays, but only during the Dawnguard quests (as to enrich Laura Bailey's voice pool but not creating a jarring experience for the user outside of those quests). - Convenient Horses Compatibility (through an optional patch), - Improvements to how objectives are displayed in Serana Romance quests. With SDA, a player roleplaying as a chaotic neutral/chaotic good character is kept in mind. - Added another ending conversation with Serana after defeating Harkon. Serana should now look more expressive. The base narrative for the Thieves Guild remains unchanged, in addition to vanilla records not needing to be edited. No need for patches :). If you have more questions or would like to know more, please visit my website! - Completely redid revoice implementation. - Added conditions to some combat dialogue to ensure they won't fire off unless Serana has warmed up to you a bit. At that point, she's supposed to be force-dismissed from you, but I haven't gotten that to work yet. - Added a follow-up line to College of Winterhold commentary. More to come. Bad news; still gives a black screen upon RE-loading that save (it will work the first time). - Note on Jayserpa's newly released mod, House of Horrors - Quest Expansion: Unlike the other House of Horrors edits out there, this mod changes a lot more (particularly at the first stage of the quest). - Tweaked injured dialogue to have it occur more frequently, - Serana should no longer repeat her angry dialogue after Ustengrav, should the player have chosen the angry choice as well, - Serana should no longer comment on the Ancestor Glade if she's never been there yet. - Fixed some conditions in the SDA_SeranaRomance7 quest, so the conversation should fire off more reliably now if it wasn't already, - Dialogue priority for the "I love you, Serana" dialogue prompt was moved up in the topic list, - Added in a safeguard to ensure the Serana Alias for the radiant love quest was filled on quest start. - Implementation of another Dawnguard NPC interaction scene. She is the Serana in Laura Bailey's absence. - Removed GetDistance requirement from radiant lovemaking dialogue. Added in dialogue options to affirm Serana's vampirism, and also completely rewrote the end of the quest (if Serana were to be cured). - Radiant commentary on Ancient Technology quest. - The "strange sensation" message shouldn't appear twice now. - A bunch of dialogue conditions fixes, to have more conversations fire correctly and as intended. It seems to cause more problems and confusion than it's worth. so that it can be asked right away without having to ask "Can I talk to you for a bit?" - Removed SDA Friendship requirement for the College of Winterhold commentary. - Fixed a possible issue for some users with the Companions commentary. - The game now notifies the player (through a small message at the top left of the screen) whenever Serana wants to talk to the player (for quest commentaries mainly). You have been warned. - Repurposed existing SDA conversations ((Stories on the Island, Shop, "How does it feel to be a vampire" dialogue) for Drinking Buddies- you can now talk to Serana about these topics through the Drinking Buddies feature! Serana had issues sleeping just in that one inn (even though it had a double bed), because of the Ghost of Old Hroldan quest and how it edited the double-bed ref for its functionality. The horse will also follow/teleport to her when it has gotten too far, so no need to worry about horse catch-ups. If Serana isn't close to you yet, you won't hear any MQ commentary at all. - Added Clean ver. - Disabled a bit more radiant idles for a more consistent experience. - Companions Quest commentary || However, it is also important to note that you SHOULD NOT do the "Silver Hand" quest (the ceremony where you become a werewolf) while any of these Dawnguard quests are currently active in your journal (Chasing Echoes, Beyond Death, Seeking Disclosure, Unseen Visions, Touching the Sky). - Reduced frequency of Serana's humming a bit (from 5% to 3%), - Reduced frequency of Serana lovey-dovey radiant greets (-20% less frequent), - Reduced frequency of prequel meme lines a bit more (-25% less frequent), - Sofia should no longer start her first conversation with Serana while she is still sleeping at the Whiterun Stables. - Removed temporary sound processing left from the CK. - Expansion of recap commentary framework to cover vampirism and the Soul Cairn. Added a wig fix script- this should fix problems with Serana's hair wigs glitching out when using the SDA Outfit Feature, if she has a HDT wig equipped. - Tweaked probability for a bunch of radiant lines so they won't be as repetitive, - Audio of quiet voice lines were boosted to be more in-line with the rest of the audio files, - Radiant dialogue tweaks so that some lines would occur in their proper context. The base dialogue commentary quests should all be started in time. Linked in missing voice lines for Serana's radiant location commentary on the College of Winterhold (via 'What do you think of this place?'). - Removed Alternate Voice toggle scripts- as they're not needed anymore. - (Main Quest) Serana is now properly dismissed as her she talks with the player right before they leave for Skuldafn, - The "Tale of the Tongues" song dialogue was conditioned incorrectly. Bethesda meant only the player to attend the party, no one else. - Serana was addressing the player as a lover with a specific sleeping dialogue topic, when she shouldn't have yet. Improvements to dialogue scene AI packages, Improvements to Radiant Hello Timings (should be more varied and less spammy). - The contextual responses for some of Serana's radiant dialogue should now work properly and as intended. - Removed "LocTypeDwelling" from the outfit changing script. Frankly it'll take too much effort and also cause compatibility issues if I edit that quest for the sake of SDA's sleeping feature, so I've decided to add in this workaround for now. - Disabled more hello, goodbye, and combat lines. Serana will no longer interrupt you during Amaund's briefing (Dark Brotherhood commentary), Tweaks to Companions, DB, and CoW commentary SM node entries, Tweaks to Serana's other SM commentary node entries as well, so that they only start when Serana is following you and the relevant quest is running (in addition to the existing Friendship and Dawnguard progress variables), The spell magic effect which tracks cell changes is now removed at the end of completing the CoW and DB quests respectively, SDA Silent Teleport is no longer called when it really doesn't need to be (applied to CoW, DB commentaries mainly), SexLab integration fixed, now native to SDA. New Save/Game not required for 3.0 if upgrading from Version 2.9 already, After this update, more NFF features will be obsolete. - Added in a timer quest that controls relationship variables with Serana. If she can't wait, Serana's wait functionality will just be suspended - though this may create some wonkiness, so I suggest you do not complete the Diplomatic Immunity quest with Serana, or use the sleep feature once Chasing Echoes is active. Context-aware responses to existing dialogue lines: - Commenting on the fact that she and the player are spelunking when the player says: "I love you", "Can I talk to you for a bit? You can also choose between two name options for it- "Phoenix" and "Nightshade" as decided from a Patreon poll. Queen of the Damned now suggested to be run alongside SDA, to compliment the spell buffs by SDA to make her an even more competent sorcerer. - Redone Lustmord armor dialogue patch. - The romance quests can be experienced regardless of which side you choose in Dawnguard. (Feature based on code by Followers as Companions by Ishara Meradin). NOTE: Since Remiel has conversations with the vanilla Serana, I recommend you install the Remiel Banter Patch (via Patch Hub, or Xbox mod page) to prevent voice overlap. If you still want to experience it (with a mute Auri), you can type "setpapyrusquestvar SDA_FollowerBanter AuriBanter True" in the console. chevy avalanche soft topper,