I love chasing big ideas and creating beautiful designs and holistic experiences to support those ideas. Throughout my years in the industry, I’ve gained broad experience leading talented creative/UX/strategy teams as well as working with department leads from other disciplines. I’ve also been the creative face to high profile clients on some of the world’s largest brands. I know traditional - it’s in my roots but I also follow the latest tech news and design trends. I’ve had the privilege of being invited to speak at a handful of design summits and other speaking engagements. I enjoy presenting work and am a bit of a Keynote ninja (a PowerPoint brown belt). I also have a side hustle as an amateur screen printer where I rake in literally dozens of dollars annually.

The Bridgestone Performance Institute Campaign

System designs. User experiences.

The Weather Channel Campaign

The Bridgestone Performance Institute II

NFL Rookie Premiere

Logos / Print

The Regions FanCam

SEC Championship Game

Coca Cola Concepts

Fresh Market Social Bites

Financial Institution Campaigns

The Eastminster Kennel Club

Calories as Currency Experiment

Say it to my face Social Experiment

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