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The Performance Institute

What do world class Olympic athletes and Bridgestone tires have in common. They're both built to perform. So we built a Performance Institute where we could showcase it.

Anatomy of Performance

How does a world class soccer player, swimmer and runner compare to a world class tire? Find out at 1,000 frames per second.

Anatomy of Performance

A taste of what the Anatomy of Performance experience was. A 15 second taste to be precise.

Behind the Performance

3 Olympic athletes. 3 Olympic stories. See how US Swimmer, Cullen Jones, US Women’s National Team soccer player, Kelly O’Hara and US Men’s Para-Cyclist, Will Groulx made it to the world’s stage.

Performance Trials

Once fans had a taste for gold, we allowed them to compete for their own against the rest of the world. Featuring a gauntlet of over 25 Olympic events.

The Performance Institute II

With the success of the Performance Institute in the Rio Olympics, it was obvious that a sequel was in store for the 2018 Winter Games. However, in the two years that passed, we saw an interesting trend and opportunity - allow the fans to participate. So in addition to the athlete stories, we kept the cameras rolling, took a peek at performance behind the curtain and even let the fans play interviewer.

The Regions FanCam

How do you get over 70K fans to smile at once? Ask them to say cheese. During halftime of the SEC Championship game we took a 360° gigapixel photo of the Georgia Dome and everyone in it. We allowed fans to check-in, tag themselves and share their experience live. We also hid several Easter eggs prizes, in various locations. Find the prize. Tag the prize. Win the prize. Instantly.

NFL Rookie Premiere

Each year all of the NFL's rookies converge to one hotel in Beverly Hills. During this time, the media gets to have a field day with them. Despite the opportunity, they typically get the same ol' questions and give the same ol' canned answers. We wanted to break that mold so we introduced the rookies to a few challenges outside of their comfort zones.

Coke Pay or Play

How to make the sweet taste of Coke even sweeter? By beating an Olympic athlete for it. By equiping a special vending machine with a two-way live camera feed into Olympic Village, fans were able to compete with real Olympic athletes. A triathlon of physical, mental and social challenges. Sure Michael Phelps has won several gold metals but can he beat Joe Shmoe for the one that really counts, a delicious 20 oz Coca Cola?

Play anywhere

Real time competition

Olympic athletes vs fans

Win a Coke

CIGNA Calories as Calories

A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is exactly what we set out to do, prevent childhood obesity by burning up pounds. Calories as currency was a movement that encouraged activity by allowing participants to pay for food with exercise instead of cash. Teaching the value of a calorie and proving that there is such thing as a free meal, if you're willing to work for it.

Select your food item then select your payment method.

(not all foods are created equally)

Run for it

Bike for it

Dance for it

Freestyle for it

Eastminster Dog Show

First impressions can literally be life or death to a pet in an overcrowded kennel. So, to increase their odds of being adopted we started the first ever Eastminster Kennel Club. Opposite the Westminster Kennel Club, which can be a bit stodgy and out of touch, the EKC was created to help everyday dogs in need of a good bath and some lite grooming for potential adopters to see their full potential. After all, beauty should be more than fur-deep.

The Regions Ready Handbook

Life is full of unexpected twists and turn. Whether it’s being swallowed by a whale during your morning row or inconveniently being abducted by aliens during a client work lunch. Thanks to the Regions Ready Handbook, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Situation: Swallowed by a whale

Situation: Uninvited T-Rex

Situation: Alien Abduction

Situation: Volcano Eruption

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market was having a not so fresh moment, with their recipes to be precise. While I'm sure Chef Mike was a boss in his day, the videos were showing some signs of shelf life. Not helping the fact was that they were over 4 minutes long, shot in a dimly lit basement and set to classical music. A dripping faucet in the background is an added easter egg. So we gave them a taste of what some newer, fresher recipes might look like. They were also efficient enough that we were able to make 6 for the price of one. No coupons required.



Say it to my face

Featured in AdWeek, Say it to my face was a social experiment to push back against cyber bullies. This experiment exposes a simple truth, that cyberbullies feed on anonymity. So, when you shine a little light of responsibility on them, you can get interesting results.


Making logos are easy. Making good logos are not.

Below are a few that at least came close.


Back in the days when print advertising existed, I did quite a bit of it and truthfully, kind of miss it. Below are a few pieces that I hold on to, for nostalgia's sake.

Regions Bill Pay

Regions Bank needed a to promote their new financial services. So we put together a couple short skits to help make the connection.

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