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Regions SEC FanCam

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Regions FanCam. How do you get the attention of over 70,000 people at a time? Ask them to say "cheese."

On Dec 3rd, right before kickoff at the SEC Championship game between LSU and Georgia, we took a massive 360° gigapixel photo of the entire stadium. We called it the Regions FanCam. On December 4th we put it online and allowed people, in attendance or not, to explore every nook and cranny of the Georgia Dome.

But that was just the beginning. We introduced games, prizes and contests. Sections where you could pledge allegiance to your team or vote for the craziest fan at the game. Empty seats were used as portals where people not in attendance could upload themselves to become part of the experience. We even had a "Replay Booth" where you could lounge around and watch videos, including a behind the scene "making of" video (shot by yours truly).

But the best part of the whole experience was the prizes. Throughout the following weeks we hid prizes such as, cruiser bikes (the client mascot), thousands of dollars worth of gift cards, autographed sports memorabilia and even tickets to next years SEC Championship game, within the actual photo. Find it, tag it and own it. It's that simple. Well, minus the 1.6 million square feet and 70,000+ fans to search through of course. Find your game face at

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SEC Championship Field Level Footage




Coca Cola

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Coke Pop Culture. Few would argue that Coke hasn't reached iconic cultural status. But what's really intriguing is that Coke has been an important cultural touchpoint in EVERY era in which it has existed. In fact, it would be hard for ANY other brand to claim iconic relevance for over a hundred years.

In this campaign we celebrate that "Icon-ness” by presenting the Coke visual library surrounded and reinforced by other icons of "Pop Culture."

We created a Pop Culture Generator and place Coke squarely at the heart of it. Simply type in any pop culture reference from the last 130 years, and you will be rewarded with a visual mosaic of the topic that also displays timely Coke memorabilia from our archive. Type in “The Breakfast Club” and see images of Tom Cruise, Madonna, Culture Club, and Coke. Type in “Jimi Hendrix” and see Woodstock, The Doors, the moon landing, and Coke. The visual mosaic also supports a backend shopping cart that allows you to purchase the items.




Can Am

Regions Bank

Cigna wanted to be more than a health care provider. Instead of treating the problem, we thought, why not prevent it? With that in mind we came up with: Free Meal, a campaign that gave literal meaning to the phrase sweat equity. Exchange calories as currency. In so doing, we not only reward people, with free food, for choosing to live healthier but we also educate them about how much effort a bag of peanut M&Ms really costs. Not to mention all the excersice.

It all starts with vending machines - I know, vending machines, but in public areas, say a school where childhood obesity is already an issue. Instead of accepting money the machine would accept calories as payment. You want a bag of chips? That’ll be 180 calories - start running. Along the way the user would also be presented “healthier” options, such as a 90-calorie apple when they hit that mark. The vending machines are equipped with different ways to burn calories, everything from treadmills, to stationary bikes, to a motion camera that actually measures and calculates their movements.




Can Am

Regions Bank

Regions Bank wanted to tout some of their "new and innovative" products such as: mobile banking, checking accounts and online bill pay. Only one problem, they're not exactly "new and/or innovative" since every other bank offers the same services. So we went the "tounge-in-cheek-storied" approach and showed [slightly] exaggerated scenarios where said products and services might come in very useful (hoping to win over the users attention if nothing else).

The idea: whether being abducted by aliens during a casual lunch with a friend or being swallowed by a whale during your daily morning row, Regions Bank products and services will help you stay efficient no matter what life throws at you. The banners set up the stories and lead to a larger quiz experience where you can test your banking wits. And of course we used all that Facbook, Twitter and other social media stuff. Click the link above to take the short survey.

The results were better than expected - over 80% boost in interaction, click through and account sign up.

Regions Ready Handbook Quiz




Coca Cola Pay or Play

Regions Bank

Pay or Play. Any vending machine will sell you a Coke, but what if you could win one by having an unforgetable head-to-head experience, with an Olympic athlete?

In the spirit of the games and leveraging the ultra-competitive nature of the athletes, we place a vending machine in the middle of Olympic Village. A front-mounted streaming web camera not only facially identifies approaching athletes but also initiates a two way live video stream where online fans can watch and interact via Facebook.

Upon approach, athletes are given a decision: either purchase a Coke and be done with it or challenge someone from a wall of online users to win one. Facebook users get to play against, interact with and take a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Olympic athletes. The athletes get a fun, unique experience which allows them to connect personally with the fans – and possibly get a free Coke.

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Oster needed a way to promote their line-up of animal grooming products. Our solution, The Eastminster Shelter Makeover Project. A poke at the Westminster Kennel Club, this campaign sought to promote goodwill and solve a more serious problem than strange dogs and stranger owners strutting around a carpet – pet overpopulation and euthanasia. The idea: create an online forum where anyone, anywhere can nominate an animal shelter in need of pet adoption. The people also vote for the winning shelters. From there we send out a mobile makeover unit, visiting each of the selected animal shelters throughout the nation, cleaning and grooming pets (using only the fine pet grooming products offered by Oster) in preparation for their own "Eastminster Dog Show." Video and photos from the show is feed back online for users to watch and vote on a winner. One lucky mutt get's the tile and an inflated ego, but all pets get a day in the sun, a good grooming and most importantly, exposure to possible new owners.





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Encapsys is the leader in microencapsulation. What is microencapsulation? Basically, they make some pretty cool stuff that you'll never see. So we wanted to make them a pretty cool site that everyone could see. Working with elements at a microscopic level, these guys can encapsulate anything. Imagine fabric that released a fire retardant when introduced to fire or invisible capsules that attached to your clothing and release a pleasant scent throughout the day. You get the picture. The site allows the users to experience a dynamic look through the eyes of actual case studies.




AdWeek Cyberbully

Regions Bank

Featured on AdWeek, "Say it to My Face" is a social experiment concept that touches on the truths and issues of cyberbullying. Sure it's easy to hide behind a computer and sling hate across the internet, but what happens when we remove the barrier and make these bullies face their victims, face-to-face? Imagine having to confront the person you slander, read what you wrote to an auditorium of people, wear it on a shirt for a day, or read it to your parents? The campaign would serve everything from YouTube videos of actual stings operations, iphone apps, and Twitter feeds to t-shirts, outdoor and other guerilla tactics. The campaign would also feature a unique "Karma Points" system, which would read your profile, via Facebook, and assess a personal negative/positive influence rating because let's face it, we could all be a little more positive. The Karma reader generates a user score by aggregating positive/negative keywords of not only their online interactions but to a lesser degree, those with whom they associate. The goal of the campaign was to not only raise awareness about the issue of cyberbullying, but to get people to interact with and realize that cyberbullying is more than just blatant aggression, it's about being a more positive person in general. The campaign was featured on AdWeek and picked up by many other social media outlets.




Starbucks Starbucks Meeting Blocks Game Tweetie Word Cell Break

Regions Bank

Sweet Office Pro is a slackers ultimate office software bundle. Introduced through Starbucks Doubleshot's "Energy with Dignity" campaign, it allows hardly working employees to appear as if they're hard at work, while in the office, thanks to the cleverly disguised games, sport score aggregators and Twitter feeds, hidden inside popular office work applications. Play a Tetris-style game with all those endless meeting requests that fill your calendar. Destroy Excell looking spreadsheets, work orders and other forms with the Excellbreak game. Keep your finger on the pulse of the Twitter community while appearing to read a Word document or check the latest scores via charts and graphs that look like a Power Point presentation.




Amp Energy Drink
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Amp Energy - New Tea & Lemonade Flavors. Breaking the stereotype of Grandma's tea and lemonade - Too tough for a pitcher. The broken shards of the pitcher become the navigation.





Regions Bank

Nokia entertainment micro site. Cubes of dynamic content populate the screen with featured artists, music, phones and events.

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Nokia 360 is a virtual nightclub where users grab a Nokia Phone and use it to navigate from room to room. Built from the ground up (meaning pixel by pixel) the club features everything from a Playboy style VIP Lounge to a theatre style screening room featureing the latest movie trailers. But before you can even get into the club you have to get by the bouncer. Present your I.D., either the real thing, meaning they register, or their fake I.D, saying they'll register later. The club is now offline because an NFL player made it rain and then shot himself in the leg but you can see the 30 second teaser reel by clicking any image above.





Regions Bank

To target young males fresh out of college and new to the corporate world, we developed the Starbucks Doubleshot's "Energy with Dignity" campaign. The idea was to help these guys appear hard at work, thus helping boost their image in the bosses eyes, even when they are, in fact, slacking off. During business hours the site would default to a faux business side, a buttoned up, professional-looking site, complete with Onion-esque articles, video of grass growing and other fake content. After hours, the site morphs into an entertainment site, featuring customizable RSS feeds, viral webisodes, Sweet Office Pro (a software package of games and Twitter feeds disguised to look like MS Office application) and an iphone application download. Of course, the user could toggle back and forth between the sites at any time via a cleverly disguised toggle button. Both sides of the site also featured a hidden web camera to constantly monitor one's back, in the event that a wayward boss strolls by.




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Concept Web site, which won DDB the PepsiCo account. User inputs content and clicks the 'create' button. The site then creates/populates the screen with content relevant to that user's interest. Content is presented in a visual thesaurus wheel. The site also uses cookies to more accurately serve content to an individual on return visits.




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For 2008, we introduced the first, mobile-generated feature film created entirely by everyday people, under the direction of Spike Lee. Using their cell phones, participants were asked to submit photos, videos, music and text based on the theme of humanity and how music plays a role in our experiences. Online editing tools enabled them to collaborate and mix their creations. The community and Spike Lee voted on their favorite submissions which he cut into one artistic film, set to premiere in Hollywood in the Fall, 2008.

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Aquafina came to us wanting to do something with their MLB partnership. Something that would ”attract and engage” consumers. Our answer: A 3rd Base Coach of Life. In a baseball game the 3rd Base Coach is the field general. He instructs and directs his players. We thought it would be great to have that kind of a mentor in everyday life, so we developed the Aquafina 3rd Base Coach of Life. Who better than Razor Shines (yes, his real name), the actual 3rd Base Coach for the New York Mets, to give one on one guidance? Need dating advice? Ask the 3rd Base Coach of Life. 401(K) in the crapper and don't know what to do? Razor is there. Just want to cuss at him? Do so at your own risk. Remember, three strikes and you're out.


Starbucks video

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